Conceptual Design

The highly talented staff at SITE works with the client to design efficient and aesthetically pleasing sites. Conceptual building location, grading, stormwater drainage, and transportation facilities are factored into every conceptual site plan. The staff works within the client specified parameters and ensures that local ordinances for parking, topography, drainage, landscaping, transportation particulars, and other details that may affect even a conceptual design can be met.


The staff at SITE have excellent working relationships with City, County, State, and Federal agencies throughout the Southeast and nationally. The SITE staff understands the zoning, subdivision processes, regulations and can provide guidance throughout the planning process.


Plans for site grading, layout, utilities, and site-specific drainage are prepared for each project. Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans are prepared to meet state and federal requirements. Utilizing state of the art software, SITE can efficiently design and analyze stormwater detention facilities and piping systems with any of the various methodologies, that regulating agencies or a specific site may require. All site design work is prepared using workstations equipped with the latest AutoCAD® software.


The staff at SITE is experienced in permitting all aspects of a project and can provide guidance through the entire permit application process. Permitting the necessary intersection or roadway improvements, driveway connections, and/or traffic signal installations can be complex and time consuming. SITE works with state and local transportation and public works departments to secure the appropriate grading and construction permits.

Construction Administration

SITE’s involvement in a project does not end when the designs are approved. Bid package preparation, construction materials evaluation, and construction oversight are all part of SITE services.

Other Services