The Surveyors at SITE work alongside the Civil Engineers on all major engineering projects but also provide surveying services as stand-alone projects.

Boundary and Topographical Surveys

In land development, a survey is often required in order to understand the “lay of the land.” The Surveyors at SITE provide boundary and topographic surveys as well as as-built surveys. The boundary and topographic surveys provide the basis for future civil and traffic plans and show constraints that may be present on the property. As-built surveys, performed after completion of the project, show finished topographic features, drainage features, buildings, parking, utilities and any other improvements completed during construction.

SITE surveyors compile information for a variety of surveys using state of the art equipment, including the Trimble S6 Robotic Total Station, Spectra SP80 Network Rover Units, and Spectra Precision Ranger 3RC Data Collectors.  SITE works primarily in the Tennessee Lambert Grid System (State Plane) but can also work in other client or municipality specified grid systems.

The Surveyors work easily with a variety of formats including AutoCAD® and MicroStation®. Survey information is provided to the client in a variety of AutoCAD® compatible formats and in hard copy.

Plats and Subdivision Process

Whether large or small, many developments require land subdivision. The professional staff at SITE prepares concept plans, preliminary subdivision plats, and final subdivision plats that meet a variety of client needs.

  • In addition to meeting the needs of the client, the preparation and submittal of a concept or preliminary plan begins the process of property development. SITE works in a variety of communities and prepares preliminary/conceptual plans that meet the requirements of various municipalities. Preliminary and Final Plats are prepared based on local requirements.

ALTA Surveys

Clients who require surveys that meet the more rigorous standards of the American Land Title Association (ALTA) / American Congress of Surveying & Mapping (ACSM) can be accommodated by SITE.


Other Services